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Mum & Dad live in Gosport, and have done for a long time now, I moved there with them from Portsmouth before I left home, My bedroom was a caravan in the garden, very cool, had all the mod cons in it. Mum n DadComing out to my Mum and Dad was, I think the scariest thing I had to do. because I had to tell them, that their Son who had been married for nearly 10 years with two sons was in fact Gay. I told my sister Emma First, and that I was going to tell Mum. I Remember phoning my Mum saying that I wanted to come and see her as I wanted to talk. I took the short ferry Ride from Portsmouth to Gosport, which seemed like a life time, knowing my mum would be waiting for me. I got in her car, and she said to me "what is up, money problems? relationship?" I just blurted it out, Denise and I are spiting up, I'm Gay. she just said "your Gay" I added "I also have a boyfriend" which in hindsight was probably not a good thing to add in, but I just wanted to get it all out. Mum didn't say much, she just drove us to her home, and put the kettle on to make us a drink, she didn't say anything about what I just told her, she started telling me about their holiday that just come back from. After a short while my sister arrived, as I had phoned her beforehand to let her know I was telling Mum, so she came around to give support. it was obvious that mum didn't want to talk about this, so I didn't push it. mum took me back to the ferry, dropping me off, telling me she will tell Dad. a few hours later I got a phone call from mum, she had told dad, and they needed time, which I understand, and for me not to ring them, they would contact me. that was really hard, and upsetting being told not to phone them. but also understand they needed time to get their heads around this. mum did ring after a week with questions and their concerns, also for me not to tell anyone else in the Family which I didn't, but they were told, just be for a article about Denise and I was published in magazine, which you can read in the press section. well, along time has passed now, Mum & Dad are very accepting of my sexuality, the picture above show's them at our Civil Partnership in 2006.

Sadly Mum Died after lomg illness on 11th January 2016

Ian and I met

Ashley & Bradley, my first son Ashley was bought into the world in 1989, after a mad dash to hospital after then being told to go home, as he is far to early(three months) but soon after being told to go home, and still in the hospital, Ashley decided it was time for him to come out. Ashley spent his first few weeks of life in a Special baby Care Unit, until he was well enough to come home. Bradley My second Son, decided to follow in Ashley's footsteps and arrive early, this time it was even more of a mad dash, after getting to Portsmouth hospital, they didn't have any spaces for him in the Special Baby Care Unit, but they found one in Swidon, so speeding behind an am balance, Bradley was born in Swindon hospital in 1993, not before I had a chance to play with the nitro-oxide that they had given to Denise for pain relief, Interesting stuff!
After coming out I think the next hardest thing I had too do was telling my eldest son that I was leaving home and trying to put this into a simple terms as to why, but in reality there was no real simple term. I remember sitting down with him and telling him that daddy is going to be leaving home and that I am gay, Ashley understood this very well to the point when I said that I was moving in with another guy and he was gay too, he replied to me "he would have to be"
the day I moved out was such an emotional day. Denise and I planned it that she would go out and take my children with her, a friend would pick them up and take them out for a couple hours while I had a friend come to the house and pick up all my belongings. I remember walking around the house after all my belongings were in the car, and crying knowing that because what I've done had split our family unit up. I kept a lot of contact with my sons, as I was only a few miles away at the time. My sons have grown up a lot now, and accept my partner Andy as their Dad, they come to stay with us when they can. Ashley has a girlfriend, Frances, they both stayed with us over summer and Frances was given the obligatory pixie land tour.

Emma, my little sister, 12 years younger than me, and making me the middle child(I did wonder about the voices)Google middle child, there is middle child syndrome!.
I can member adoring Emma after she was born, I would take her out, spend my pocket money on her, loved her to bits, and still do. I have put together a Video of Cine film I took of her when she was young in the Video section. Emma is Married to Chris and has to Sons and live in Gosport. Emma was the first family member I told I was gay, and as I expected she accepted this without any problems.



Gary, my big brother is married to his wife Sue I think we had a typical brotherly childhood, looking up to him, and getting the hand me downs. Gary was always Mature for his age, where I was the other way, I'm still very much in contact with my inner child which I don't think is a bad thing at all. outing myself to Gary was a bit difficult, and didn't know how to approach it really, so I did it on a bit of a wim, i turned up at his workplace, A garage that he own, approached him, told him, and didn't really hang around much after. just felt very awkward for some reason. but same as my mum and dad, just needed time to get their heads around it all. I do know now, that my families main concern was my safety, concerned that I would get beat up and harmed because of my sexuality. to date, I have only had minor verbal abuse, one was walking home from a club with my partner, holding hands, and a car drove by and some guy shouted some verbal at us, didn't bother though, just laughed it off.


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