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The boring stuff for non gadget freaks. I suppose my first real gadget I got was at Christmas in the 70's my Mum and dad got me a Sinclair calculator black and yellow with blue led screen, binatone game console, my First computer was a Sharp MZ80K sharpit had 20k of memory! weighed a ton too. then I suppose I progressed just like others, Sinclair spectrum, Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari ST, Saga Mega Drive, all them sleepless nights playing Sonic while out my face. Amiga 32, then onto the PC's first one being a Dell 486 with thanks to Des. and the Gadgets keep coming atari lynx, this was a very under rated handheld console., Game Boy, Game, Boy advanced, Play Station 1st generation, Xbox 1st Generation, My first mobile phone was a Rabbit phone, it doubled up as a home cordless phone, and when you were out side, you could make only outgoing calls, and only it you were close to a Rabbit station, but my first real mobile phoneiphone was a Nokia 101 didn't even have text messaging then. I've had every Iphone and now the Ipads, spent a few nights now que up up outside shops to get the new Iphone and Ipads. I have always been a PC guy, and always though a Apple Mac as a lower device, but after using Iphone and ipads, and being Nagged by Gabriel to get a Mac, I finally took the plunge, and got myself a Mac mini, and wow what can I say, it is great, as Steve Jobs said about apple devices, "It Just Works!" and boy do they well at time of writing September 2011, I am waiting on the new Iphone 5 to be released, not long now, and will be interesting to see what is new . I do still have an old gadget tucked away, Its a prototype Radio watch Clive Sinclair designed, and I know there are not a lot of these around, they never went into full production, and never on the market, I was given one along time ago. it is still in the box, has very little cosmetic ware as its never been worn, and the battery cover is missing sadly. I keep thinking about selling it, as I have seen them go for quite a lot of money.


Rob BriĀ©knell 2011