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Below Is Links to You tube Videos that I have created over the years, some are quite old and poor sound and quality as they were taken off video tape as some are over 20 years old! Hope you enjoy them.



In Loving Memory to
our beautiful dog Dougal
who passed over to Rainbow Bridge
on the 4th June 2014


In Memory of our Scottie dog Jasper who died of cancer on 19 of October 2013

Ashley Bricknell, Graduation 7th February 2013 at the Brighton Dome


Just simply Family Before Video, old 8mm cine film of my family, low quality,
but least I still have a copy of it

This is part for a wedding video I created for our friends Caroline and Paul when they got married, this is from the reception in the evening, making it a music video, which I enjoy making, and are fun to do.

A music video I put together of my sons during the summer holidays of 2003.

A Video of Jake, my sister Emma's son, this covers his 1st year of life,
set to music of Every Breath You Take.

Well what can I say about this one, It clips of me lip-syning back in the 80's, I do have the full videos of most of them, this was a mash up of some of them,
sorry again about poor quality, but they are from 30 year old video tape

This one was copied from 8mm cine film to Video tape some years ago, then from video to PC, the quality has degraded somewhat, but i think adds to the theme of it. Its all clips of my little sister dating back to the early 80's. 

I put the Together to celebrate our 5th Civil Partnership on 30th September 2011. this was my first edit using final cut Pro on the Apple Mac, took ages, will go back to Adobe, as i have been using that for years now, and better the Devil you know! 

This is a recent one, and is a family photo slide show.


My dads 70th Birthday video, Filmed on the Iphone 4, was a bit of a test to see how the iPhone performed.

Music video of Tom, Ian and Andy play Just Dance on the Wii, set to music of a song by Verka Serduchka, who represented the Ukraine in the 2007 Eurovison Contest.


This I one of the Music videos we did as G.V.T.V. very early lip sync in the 1990's pre internet and you tube. again with this one, I was originally one open shot, but years later, I converted it over to PC and played with it in Adobe Premier.


I did this being bored one day, using 2 video cameras, and was originally used in my Podcasts I use to do I had quite a few subscribers then. called Tea and Popcorn, and seems to have the most hits in my collection?


To celebrate my love for my Partner Andy, i put these clips of him together.


This was originally filmed in the mid 80's with my First Video Camera, and was just a single wide shot. a few years ago I transferred it to PC, and played around with it to give it a bit more life.


The next two Videos are Mixes for Eurovision Song Contest Parties we held this one was held in 2000, the parties were great fun, and would be good to hold another one at some point.


Eurovision Party mix 2001


one of my personal favorites, I spent afternoon filming my Sons at there karate School, and put this one together from clips of it, took quite a while with all the timing etc. but I think it came out really well.


this is one of my early Video edits using adobe on a 486 PC, Video clips of my sons with me lip sinning. I still think Adobe premier is the best editing suit out there.


Another video set to music and timing. My son Bradley's 10th Birthday bowling Party. I do enjoy making Music videos.


This is edited pre editing software on the PC, it was put together via a Dos prompt, so timing is quite out in places, but was the start of my PC editing days. the Video has me and my first boyfriend Bob(sat on the sofa)


A Video mash up of clips from G.V.T.V. filmed in the 1990's


A music Video from our Civil Partnership in 2006.


A Family Music mash up from old Cine and Video tapes.


I think this was my first Video Edit on a PC using Adobe, Created for my boyfriend at the time, as he was a Dr. Who fan, in a big way.


this was quite a simple edit to do, using the original Titanic Music Video, and a sketch performed by French and Saunders


Rob BriĀ©knell 2011